The Breweries for the 2016 4th Annual Logan Square Beer Festival are listed below. Check back frequently for the most up to date Breweries and generic cialis viagra Beer list.

  1. Ale Syndicate
    • Omega Midnight – A collaboration with Omega Yeast Labs in Chicago.  It’s a 9.5% black ale that is big, dark, and delicious.
    • Chicago Wit with lavender Paulina – A Belgian style Wit with lavender and pink peppercorn.  Very unique.
    • Sunday Session – A light, but deliciously hoppy, session beer that is best crushed on Sundays.
  2. Arcade Brewery
    • Mega Milk 2 – An Imperial Stout version of their Mega Milk stout.
    • Grapefruit IPA – A 6.3% IPA featuring citrus hop aroma and the addition of grapefruit.
    • Alice’s Honey Saison – A bright, flavorful saison ale brewed with world-class honey.
    • Virtua Hop Pale Ale – Their first draft only beer is a crushable 6.2% pale ale.
  3. Bells
    • Bourbon Barrel Aged Hell Hath No Fury – A Belgian dubbel that morphed into something more akin to a rousty stout, then aged in bourbon barrels.
    • Firkin of Oatsmobile – A firkin of their hop forward ale , made with oats, sitting at 4.3%.
    • Special Double Cream Stout – A 6.1% American stout that focuses on the softer, cocoa & espresso like aspects of roasted malt.
  4. Half Acre
    • Tasty Waves – A 5% specialty rye pale ale.
    • Lager Town – A 6% rich malty Octoberfest style marzen.
  5. Hopewell Brewing Company
    • Old Duck Barleywine – A 10% barleywine w/bright orange color & a fruity clean flavor & unique hop profile.
    • Farm and Family Saison – A bready and hazy saison brewed with house yeast that lends a slightly funky profile.
    • Off-black Pils – A lager with chocolate malts that has a almost black color and a subtle roasty flavor.
  6. Lagunitas
    • IPA – Lagunitas flagship beer is a unique version of an ancient style.
    • Tuber Fest – A smooth malty lager that’s counterbalanced with Pacific N’Western hops giving it a cedary herbal zing.
    • 12th of Never – A blend of old school and new school hops give this a tropically hoppy, light, yet full-bodied taste.
  7. Lake Effect
    • Ginny Brown – 8.5% gin barrel aged brown ale fermented with cherries.
    • Arbor Oak – A 5.5% amber ale brewed with oak from the Morton Arboretum.
    • Falcon Dive IPA – a 7% IPA brewed with mosaic and generic cialis blanc hops.
  8. Maplewood Brewery & Distillery
    • Son of Juice – A new 6.3% New England style IPA that’s hazy and dripping with fruit juice notes.
    • Guatemalan Bam Bam – A special American Brown Ale with coffee.
    • Charlatan – A great citrusy American Pale Ale with a smooth bitterness and a round malt backbone.
  9. Metropolitan
    • Firkin of Krankshaft Kolch w/coffee and orange peel – Their 5% Kolsch infused with coffee and orange peel, sitting in a firkin.  Wow!
    • Firkin of Dynamo Copper lager w/ancho and Chipotle peppers – Their crisp and smooth Dynamo lager infused with ancho and chipotle peppers.  Yum!
  10. Middle Brow
    • Miner Green Peach – A Lula Café collaboration.  A Grisette with green peaches from seedling farms.
    • White Heat – A 6.5% Belgian witbier with pepper and spices.
    • Low – A 4% brown English-malt gose.
  11. New Holland
    • Night Tripper Imperial Stout – An 11.5% imperial stout, that’s rich & roasty with deeply intense, lush flavors.
    • Incorrigible Reserve – A special white sour ale, that’s fermented a 2nd time, and aged for months in their house of funk sour cellar.
    • Mad Hatter – A 7% Midwest IPA with a bight hoppy body from assertive dry hopping of centennial, citra, and cascade hops.
  12. Off Color
    • Waddle – A brand new Marzen from Off Color.  So new, we can’t even get a description yet.
    • Sibling Rivalry – An 8.5% Belgian style tripel ale, that’s all new this year.
    • Hyper Predator – A 6.5% farmhouse ale brewed with cold-press coffee.
  13. Pipeworks
    • Doppel Blud – This brand new blood orange double red ale brewed with honey will have been packaged the day before the Logan Square Beer Fest, making you the first to try it!
    • Lil Citra – A 4.9% session IPA that’s crushable.
  14. Revolution
    • 4th Year Beer – 11.5% Belgian Quad with flavors and viagra usa aromas of bread, dark fruits, honey & brown sugar.
    • Fist City – A dry, hoppy, and extremely drinkable Chicago pale ale.  5.5%.
    • Rev Pils – 5.5% dry hopped Chicago pilsner brewed with 100% German hops and malts.
  15. Transient Artisan Ales
    • Radleresque Maigre – sour wheat (grapefruit Ginger). Blueberry Maigre- sour wheat
    • Stop Collaborate and Listen – Imperial cinnamon, vanilla stout collab with mikerphone and hailstorm.
    • Fervent – dry hopped barrel aged saison.
    • Blueberry Maigre – sour wheat
    • Hop drink – farmhouse double IPA
  16. Tighthead
    • Oktoberfest – This true to form, Bavarian style Marzen lager is perfectly balanced with German noble hops.
    • Irie IPA – A 7.8% malty and complex IPA with a clean and dank finish.
    • Boxcar Porter – A robust porter with hints of roast coffee and mild chocolate makes this a classic example of a porter.
  17. Virtue Cider
    • Michigan Brut – A 6.7% dry cider that showcases the beauty and complexity of heirloom apples grown on Michigan’s Cider Coast.
    • Percheron – A cider fermented with wild yeast in wine barrels.  It bares the unmistakable scent of the farm, a strong body, and a gentle finish.
    • Mitten – A 6.8% winter cider, aged in bourbon barrels with the new season’s fresh pressed apple juice.
    • Mystery Cider – What will it be?